We prefer to receive contributions in the form of GitHub pull requests. Please send pull requests against the kstore Git repository.
If you are looking for some ideas on what to contribute, please send a GitHub pull requests. Comment on the issue and/or contact with your questions and ideas.
If you’d like to report a bug but don’t have time to fix it, email the mailing list GitHub pull requests.

To contribute a patch:
1. Break your work into small, single-purpose patches if possible. It’s much harder to merge in a large change with a lot of disjoint features.
2. Submit the patch as a GitHub pull request against the master branch. For a tutorial, see the GitHub guides on forking a repo and sending a pull request.
3. Make sure that your code passes the unit tests. You can run the tests with mvn test in the root directory.
4. Add new unit tests for your code.
5. We tend to do fairly close readings of pull requests, and you may get a lot of comments. Some common issues that are not code structure related, but still important:
Use tabs instead of whitespace.
Give your operators some room. Not a+b but a + b and not foo(int a,int b) but foo(int a, int b).
Generally speaking, stick to the Sun Java Code Conventions
Make sure tests pass!

Thank you for getting involved!